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dogge dedicate to hawkbye

went and added ‘original’ and ‘fanart’ tags to the appropriate posts. mass tag editor only shows the first picture in a photoset though so i’ve inevitably missed a couple but i got most of them and that’s what really counts, right?

August 22nd — 1 note Reblog
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aliens discovering a soft serve ice cream machine for eleven02
dude with a massively tall top hat for schizotype
MAXIMUM TURTLE(s) for the-great-mighty-dick

click through to see the detail a little better. i’m running out of pages so i did these on one that i did lil gesture sketches for the solaire and lautrec drawings i did a few days ago

usually i do request night on my main but i’m gonna try doing it all here tonight. so, what should i draw? it can be from anything but preferably nothing outrageously detailed, please.